EVs should be commercially feasible. We prove it can be.

generalQ was founded on the belief that electric vehicles shouldn't just be good for the environment, they need to hold their own commercially against other vehicles. We are experts when it comes to electric vehicle adoption, and passionate about helping businesses understand the true value of electric vehicles. We offer expert advive on procuring the right EVs for your organisation's use-cases, and provide wrap-around advice on charging, usage policy, management, and data. 

We're here to help

We'll help write the business case for your overall electric vehicle strategy

We'll recommend the right electric vehicle for your organisation's needs

We'll help you setup on-premises charging and off-site charging.

We'll help you analyse your performance, sustainability metrics, cost savings, and long term data analytics.

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generalQ was founded for the purpose of driving electric vehicle adoption by ensuring the right strategy is in place for economic sustainability.