Your vehicle fit

There's a wide range of EVs fit for different use cases. Here is what we suggest for day to day business operations. Of-course we can offer more specific guidance once we get to know your organisation better. Engage with us to find out more.


Tesla Model 3

Goes as fast as they close deals, looks as good as that new suit, cheaper than the contract they're signing, and even cheaper on the bottom line. More importantly it's got Zoom meetings built in, and seamless Bluetooth connectivity for the endless phone calls. Perfect for the constantly on-the-go salesperson. Plus it looks flash - what every consultant and salesperson wants all along.

Healthcare and public service

BYD Atto 3

The BYD hatchback is unassuming but features a large cargo space, towbar capability, a comfortable ride, is familiar, and comes with a range of accessories and a New Zealand wide dealer network, making it great for healthcare and government fleet vehicle implementations. The Atto 3 can also be factory customised for colour and specs, and is fantastic value for money, especially when negotiated at fleet rates.

Real estate agents and sales

Tesla Model Y

All the benefits of the Model 3, with a bigger boot so you can fit in the samples, and add a  towbar so you can deliver them if you need to. The Model Y has more space than some of the modern tiny homes, and it's got a large presence on the road, so you can keep your brand strong. With 400km of range and fast-charging capability, it'll last longer than your auctions.

Tradies and couriers

LDV eDeliver 3 Electric Van

It's the first and only purpose-built mainstream electric van in New Zealand. It can carry up to 950kg, and is perfect for plumbers, electricians, painters, tilers, builders, and anyone else that visits Bunnings more than twice a week.

The owner operator

Audi Q8 e-tron

Your accountant will not approve. The Audi Q8 e-tron will handle your customers on the weekdays and the boat on the weekends, with enough power to juggle it all. It's the perfect electric vehicle to grow your business while not losing sight of what's important - a bit of fun along the way.