Tesla is renowned for their electric vehicles, and New Zealand has one of the highest per capita adoption rates. Tesla Model 3 and Y consistently rank as one of the most reliable, safe, and popular cars in New Zealand - for a very good reason. They make great fleet vehicles with minimal maintance costs, and complete standardisation across their range.

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Tesla Model Y

This is our preferred suggestion for most small-medium organizations looking at electric vehicles.

The Model Y hatchback / cross-over provides a lot of features, large storage capacity, a 4 year / 80,000km warranty, 8 year / 160,000km battery warranty, and access to Tesla's supercharging network, and is priced extremely competitively at around $62,000 driveaway after rebate.

The Model Y is readily available in long-range or performance all-wheel-drive variants, which are capable for very light off-roading, rural, and construction sites.

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is almost identical to the Model Y, but is slightly cheaper at $58,000 driveaway after rebate, in sedan form. This vehicle is great if you're looking at a very cost effective vehicle, and do not carry substantional amount of work gear, or go on site.

Tesla Model S and X

The Model X (SUV) and S (Sedan) are no longer available for sale in New Zealand, and we do not recommend these vehicles for the New Zealand market given their cost, size, and return on investment.