Public charging

Electric cars have a major advantage over petrol and diesel vehicles in that they can usually fuel up completely overnight on-premises using charging facilities connecting to your existing power facilities. However, there will be situations where you will need to use public chargers - just like petrol stations we used to visit. In New Zealand, there are a mix of private and public operators. A good business strategy is to think ahead and ensure your fleet has access to the right chargers near you and your areas of coverage, so that you can charge quickly and get on with your activities, as you want to.

Charger Locations

Almost all chargers accessible by the public are listed on the Waka Kotahi (New Zealand Transport Agency). This is the most reliable source of information around EV charging.

Many chargers have been co-funded with EECA grants, strategically placed in towns and cities where there is throughfare.

Charging Operators

There's now a lot of competition to provide charging across New Zealand, with the largest network operated by Chargenet, quickly followed by BP and Z Energy who are rolling out EV charging across their fuel stations. Every charging operator has their own app and methods. 

We highly recommend ChargeNet for fleet operations due to their existing fleet integration technology, however, other providers can be cheaper, and we can work with you to establish onboarding processes and policies for employees to use chargers at other stations. We understand it's not yet as simple as one fuel card, and we can work with you to get it as close to today as possible.


ChargeNet has led the charge on public charging infrastructure.


BP has an ambitious roll-out plan of chargers across their fuel stations.

Z Energy

Z Energy has an ambitious roll-out plan of chargers across their fuel stations.


OpenLoop is primarily in the Waikato region and has a network of fast chargers in the area.