On-site charging

There's significant benefit to having on-site charging facilities at a very low price. A typical install can cost as little as $1,000. Contact us with your use-case and requirements for the best charging approach on-site.


evnex is our preferred vendor for business charging solutions due to their local presence and wide compatibility with electric vehicles.

evnex is a New Zealand company that builds made in New Zealand charging equipment, starting from $1,395 NZD. This is the preferred charger for many EV brands locally, including Polestar, Volvo, Volkswagen, Cupra, LDV and Skoda. They also provide charging technology solutions to monitor and control charging.


Perfect for large office blocks, retail stores and malls, supermarkets, libraries, hotels, aged care facilities and airports. Schneider Electric has designed the EVLink Parking charging station to deliver superior charging capacity and provide total operating control. Fully adaptable power control enables power adjustment of the charging station and configuration of power metering.

Tesla Wall Connector

The Tesla Wall Connector is simple and quite basic in its capability, but at just $800, it provides a great trial or entry level charging solution - able to be installed by most electricians for less than $200, you're able to get up and running for just $1,000. The wall connector also works across all major EV vehicles, and is known for its relaible operation, backed by a 2-year warranty.